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Breaking Free: How to Overcome Constraints and Find True Freedom

Man walking in a dark alley
The Dark Side is Unrecognized.

True freedom is the self-discovery, introspection of who you are NOT, and transformation into who you truly are, which cultivates true freedom and liberation.

Who you are NOT are the trappings of your ego, which can be understood as your false personality that drives your thoughts, reactions, and behaviors from patterns and conditions you are not aware of in the subconscious. This deceptive part drives people to harm themselves and others. On the other hand, your true self is the authentic, unconditioned part of you that is free from the ego's influence. 

We all possess an inner compass that guides us towards conscious decisions and a higher perspective. To live from this place of empowerment, you must first understand and recognize the trappings of who you are NOT. By reconciling the ego's identity through integration, you can experience true freedom, authenticity, and fulfillment. 

Here are some common traits of how this shows itself and how you can transform and break free of the ego's grip.

  1. Blaming Others is a common defense mechanism of the ego to avoid taking responsibility. The ego thrives on being right and justifies this belief because its perception of itself depends on it. Blaming others only reinforces the ego and hinders emotional and personal growth.

  2. Disowning Responsibility is synonymous with blaming others. It means refusing to acknowledge one's own role or accountability in a situation, denying or minimizing one's contribution to a problem or concern, even when evidence suggests otherwise. In some extreme cases, individuals are oblivious to the factors driving their behaviors, remaining blind to their own shortcomings.

  3. Negative Emotions like anger, grief, or fear stem from the ego and, at times, are an everyday annoyance. However, it is essential to recognize that negative emotions are not who you are but merely a by-product of the ego that is holding you back. Acknowledging this is the first step in breaking free.

Taking Action: You can start by focusing on what is in your control and let go of attachment to outcomes. Accept the reality of your circumstance and respond with equanimity (composure), freeing yourself from the grip of the pattern.

Recognize and acknowledge your role in shaping outcomes. True empowerment lies in taking ownership of your actions and choices, focusing on solutions, and embracing an authentic recognition of your strengths.

Negative emotions signal a need to look deeper. Acknowledge and understand your negative emotions through introspection and self-inquiry. You are being called to address a need or a false belief about yourself, others, or circumstances.

Choose to take full responsibility for your thoughts, emotions, and actions. This is the first step towards breaking free from the ego's shackles. It requires mindfulness and self-awareness. By observing your thoughts, feelings, and reactions without judgment, you establish a deep connection to your essence (inner compass). This empowers you to navigate life's challenges with equanimity and presence.

In the journey to self-discovery and transformation, self-compassion serves as your unwavering guiding light. It is the key to unlocking the path to freedom. Mastering oneself is not just a goal but a way of living a Soul-Aligned Life. This is your greatest accomplishment, with a sense of agency and autonomy in shaping your life.


Journal Prompts:

What is stopping me from taking responsibility for myself?

What steps can I take to begin taking responsibility?

What is the opportunity in this circumstance, situation, or emotional upset?

What can I do differently to resolve this?


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Aaron Abke : Mindscience

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