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Transition is moving toward change.

Transformation is a reconstruction.

Transcending is to go beyond, rise above.

Life is a Series of Transitions

Life Transitions are inevitable, either through choice or forced upon you. In either case, the process can be challenging. I am a passionate and committed transformational coach that will guide and support you in your transition to empowerment. 

I create a safe space for you to explore, discover, and navigate the art of transition in the best possible way. You will learn self-awareness, and emotional management, gain confidence and understand yourself—Master how to implement what you discover into your life to create a shift within for sustainable change. 


All Things Transcended

The unexamined life is mechanical, a conditioned programmed life.


The examined life is one of awareness and self-reflection. To cultivate reframing for sustainable change and transformation.


Transcendence comes by doing the inner work changing your perceptions, implementing new behaviors, and taking ownership of your worth.



Hand Touching Water

Empower YourSelf through  



Self-mastery is the ability to take control of one's life without being swept off course by emotions and circumstances that life transitions can present to you. 


When you can't control what is happening, you can learn how to respond to what is happening. . .  This is where your power is.

Reclaim your sense of self and live intentionally and with resilience.  


Your Life.

You learn how to embrace your emotional self and understand and recognize the shadow aspects of yourself. 

You are armed with the tools and processes to move you forward. 

You discover and visualize a new life for yourself. On your terms, your vision for yourself. 


Together we design a vision of your new life, envisioning the new way to be and how to make it a reality for you. 

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom

 ~ Aristotle



Your Greatest Self 

Your Intrinsic Self is the very essence of your inner world relating to self-worth. Not based on achievements or external awards; by the very heart of Self Love and happiness in the way you define it for yourself.  


Emotional healing is powerful and the center of learning about yourself, returning to the true sense of who you are. This will lead to your freedom in discovering your greatest Self. 

"I knew Lisa to be kind and sensitive, a person you could talk to and a person worth listening to. What I didn’t know, was that I was about to learn more about myself, the good the bad, the promise and the needs. With her calm and genuine way she brought out all that I had hidden, buried and all that I needed to confront. I knew Lisa was there as a safety net, never asking for more than I could give. Patiently and methodically, Lisa made her way into my life in a positive and safe approach, she became my cheerleader.

With every step, every new realization, with all the tears, she cheered me on.

Lisa has given me more in the time I worked with her, than I have been able to give myself in a lifetime. I know I still have more to do, at least I have a few more tools with which to do them. I know there’s someone there I can go to should I find myself stuck. 

I’m so glad she took me on!"

~Debbie C

"Lisa has really helped me see that happiness comes from within and not from someone else.  She had me think of all the things that I love to do that brings me excitement.  Next she suggested that I try to do those things and write into a gratitude journal about all the good that I have in my life.  Focusing on all of the positives really helped me feel better, put things in prospective and motivated me to seek out activities that energize me. She helped me sort out things that stopped me from doing the things that I love.  Also she asked me challenging questions that made me really think about what was going on in my life.  I have to say that she really helped."

~Sheri DeLano

Soul Aligned Life. 

A Soul Aligned life is tuning into your soul's language and establishing an intentional relationship with your soul and its wisdom. 

It is a life of flow always to continue to grow and be present, giving awareness to the experiences that arise. 

Living your life where you don't let fear or playing small deprive you of being the best version of yourself. You meet and stand up to life's challenges with consciousness and grace.

 You are Living with Fulfillment and Inspiration! 


“My Life Coaching session with Lisa was a life-changing, spiritual experience. I came to Lisa struggling with overwhelming depression, anxiety and confusion about what to do with my daily life. Lisa offered me very healing suggestions and ideas with specific action steps to carry these out. Lisa was up beat, intuitive and nurturing and let me know she believed in me. As a result of Lisa working with me I began intense daily Meditation with immediate results. My depression lifted and my anxiety decreased. I have since returned to my career of 15 years which I had not been very active in for 9 years. My life has literally been restored to one of love, light, peace and healing and I am once again daring to dream.”

     ~Khara W.



I'd love to chat with you and answer any questions you have. I can't wait to here from you!

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