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Soul Aligned Life

A Soul Aligned Life is about aligning to your deepest truths, knowing who you are at the core level.

An embodiment of your Soul free from conditioning and limiting programs.


Why is it essential to be Soul Aligned?

It gives you an inner knowing and connection to your Soul's desires and what is needed to realize them.  You become more heart-centered and learn to be present to all emotional responses, even intense, powerful ones.

The Work I do 

The work I do with clients is deep, emotional, transformational work. My work is with your inner landscape and inner dialogue. I get to the root cause of your patterns that you are unconsciously stuck in. 

Throughout life and experiences, you mostly learn who you are by what others want you to be, what you were told you were, or what others imposed on you. And you believe it to be true. Until you challenge the stories you tell yourself through awareness and self-inquiry, gain a deep understanding of your inner workings for emotional healing.

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate.

~ Carl Jung


All Things Transcended

Transcendence begins with awareness of how you operate and why you operate that way. 


Healing begins when you get to the core of that why to resolve and reconcile this. 


By learning how to hold space and be present for yourself, you become the container for all your emotions. 



Hand Touching Water

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom
 ~ Aristotle

You Have the answers to your most significant challenges


Are you willing to make the changes? Shift? Take responsibility? Take action? Resolve, unravel, reconcile them? 

Integrate them and make peace with them. Understanding how you operate and healing from the patterns and conditions that no longer serve you takes courage.

The rewards of healing are creating a more peaceful existence within and peace in relating to others and your world..

~  finding deep meaning in your life

~ strengthening intuition and soul connection

trusting yourself and your decisions

~ accepting and loving yourself - just the way you are

~ and so many more 



Your Truest Self

Your Truest Self is the very essence of your inner world relating to self-worth. Not based on achievements or external awards but by the very heart of self-love and happiness in the way you define it for yourself.  


Emotional healing is powerful and the center of learning about yourself, returning to the truest sense of who you are. This will lead to your freedom in discovering your greatest Self. 

Soul Aligned Movement

A Soul Aligned movement is living and establishing an intentional relationship with your soul and its wisdom. 

It is a life of flow always to continue to grow and be present, giving awareness to the experiences that arise. 

Living your life where you don't let fear or playing small deprive you of being the best version of yourself. You meet and stand up to life's challenges with consciousness and grace.

 You are Living with Fulfillment and Inspiration! 




I'd love to chat with you and answer any questions you have. I can't wait to here from you!

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