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My Story

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Lisa became a certified Life Coach in 2013 through iPEC Coaching Program, including Energy Leadership™. She has also completed training in the Law of Emergence Mastery Program and continually educates herself in opportunities to learn and grow. 
Lisa contributed to Bucks County Women’s Journal (2015-2016) on Wellness Coaching and Heartreprenuer® Magazine. She is the founder of Creative Soul Journaling© and  Future Focus Journaling©. 

I am a passionate 'change agent' supporting you in times of transition when change is required in redefining yourself. I'm committed and dedicated to helping you process emotions, understanding yourself, teaching you to establish self-awareness, to grow you into empowerment and self-mastery. 
My own life challenges, processing my conditioning, and experiences have brought me to where I am today. Life has presented itself to me in many ways that I couldn't always make sense of, so I immersed myself in learning all I could about achieving self-awareness and self-reliance.  Along the way I gathered many tools and methods, taking responsibility to manage my emotions and feelings in the most empowering way possible. My transformation has been a process of peeling back the layers, revealing more with each layer, using what was revealed to navigate my life. I’ve gained more self-awareness, acquired strong intuition, insight and it is then I could move into choice. Life is always shifting and I evolve with each shift and aspire to guide others in the same way. 
Life is a series of transitions, and how you move through those transitions makes all the difference. Redefining and reclaiming yourself each step of the way to Be-coming more of your Intrinsic Self.

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