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Soul Writing 

Soul Writing

Creative Soul Journaling©

Self Awareness | Self Reflection| Self Inquiry
 | Automatic Writing


The Art of Soul Writing 

Soul Writing is the mission toward self-ownership of examining your life through accessing a Divine Dialogue and understanding the challenges you face daily to be at choice- to choose an empowered direction and move to a new level of well-being. The unexamined life is a mechanical life; it is a conditioned, programmed life. The more you understand yourself, the better equipped you can make positive shifts and refinements in your life. Your only job is YOU, understanding and establishing a relationship with yourself in a loving, intimate way.  Establishing this powerful relationship is the foundation for all your relationships, including your life relationship.


By becoming more self-aware and applying self-inquiry, you give life to the discovery of connecting to your Soul Inner Wisdom. You will access understanding, guidance, and clarity through a deep level of self-awareness, practicing self-reflection, and applying self-inquiry.


The Heart and Soul of this course uses writing with open-ended questions applying self-inquiry to gain a higher perspective. You will strengthen the Observer and learn discernment of Divine guidance and ego.

What you will learn:

 - A writing process to activate a Divine Dialogue

 - The Power of Intention and Willingness 

 - Understand and recognize your fear states

 - Recognize and discern the different voices (Ego- Inner Guidance)

 - Awareness of the Inner Critic and how it appears in your life

 - Forming and asking powerful questions

 - Cultivate and discover a new relationship with yourself 


What benefits you will achieve: 

 - To activate an Infinite Source of Wisdom and Grace

 - Get in touch with your deepest Authentic Self

 - Self-awareness and confidence in your decisions 

 - Receive focused direction and guidance 

 - Bring clarity and resolution to your challenges 

1 on 1 Virtual Session: 

Experience Soul Writing©: Private live virtual workshop that will be recorded. Customizing the process that is unique to YOU. In our sessions, I not only teach you my unique method, but I also support you on how to apply it to your own personal life circumstances. 

Group Virtual Sessions:

Form your own group with family and friends to learn an empowering set of skills with my proprietary method of soul writing. I will instruct and guide your 'meeting of the minds' group. 

Lisa's Soul Writing: Creative Soul Journaling Workshop provided the guidance and inspiration I needed to make changes in my life. Her teachings include a practical approach on how to activate and listen to the voice within through journaling. She guides you to ask thought provoking questions to stimulate self exploration, coming away with clarity and a new perspective in believing in yourself.  As I continued to attend Lisa's workshops and incorporated journaling into my life, I realized we are all innately wise we just have to learn and acknowledge how to tap into it, with Lisa's help you can learn how to do it. I came away with a new perspective in believing in myself and confidence to make decisions that honors myself first.
-Patrice Z.




Join me for a Soul Writing Master Course.  

A virtual workshop learning how to access your own 'inner coach' and receive answers to your deepest questions. Take this journey to self-confidence, self-awareness and access to your greatest Power within. 

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