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Casual Information About Me

~ I was born in Philadelphia, PA; I moved to Bucks County in 2009.

~ I'm a huge fan of the Bosch Series and The Golden Girls.

~ I love watching shows on human behavior- Catfish, This is Us, and Married at First Sight are some of my favorites.

~ I live with the impact of ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and  C-PTSD, and this is the reason I'm so passionate about emotional and trauma healing and living a Soul Aligned Life.

~ I facilitate a book club in my area called Mind Mastery. The selected books are about mastering your mind through awareness of thoughts, feelings and behavior and how to foster authenticity and living your truth.

~ I'm an avid reader and tend to read several books at the same time.

~ I love writing and journaling consistently with many types of journals I use at any time.

What I Believe In...

~ You learn who you are by unlearning who they taught you to be.

~ You have the answers to your most significant challenges. Are you willing to change? Shift? Take action? Resolve them? Make peace with them?

~ You are in control of your willingness to understand your thoughts, emotions, patterns, and behaviors.

~ It takes courage to understand how you operate and heal from the patterns and conditions that no longer serve you.

~ Your Soul is consistently present in the background of your life, guiding and pushing in the best direction. 

~ Knowing who you are NOT to know who your Truest Self is.

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