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"I knew Lisa to be kind and sensitive, a person you could talk to and a person worth listening to. What I didn’t know, was that I was about to learn more about myself, the good the bad, the promise and the needs. With her calm and genuine way she brought out all that I had hidden, buried and all that I needed to confront. I knew Lisa was there as a safety net, never asking for more than I could give. Patiently and methodically, Lisa made her way into my life in a positive and safe approach, she became my cheerleader.
With every step, every new realization, with all the tears, she cheered me on.
Lisa has given me more in the time I worked with her, than I have been able to give myself in a lifetime. I know I still have more to do, at least I have a few more tools with which to do them. I know there’s someone there I can go to should I find myself stuck. 
I’m so glad she took me on!"
~Debbie C

"Lisa has really helped me see that happiness comes from within and not from someone else.  She had me think of all the things that I love to do that brings me excitement.  Next she suggested that I try to do those things and write into a gratitude journal about all the good that I have in my life.  Focusing on all of the positives really helped me feel better, put things in prospective and motivated me to seek out activities that energize me. She helped me sort out things that stopped me from doing the things that I love.  Also she asked me challenging questions that made me really think about what was going on in my life.  I have to say that she really helped."~Sheri D.

“My Life Coaching session with Lisa was a life-changing, spiritual experience. I came to Lisa struggling with overwhelming depression, anxiety and confusion about what to do with my daily life. Lisa offered me very healing suggestions and ideas with specific action steps to carry these out. Lisa was up beat, intuitive and nurturing and let me know she believed in me. As a result of Lisa working with me I began intense daily Meditation with immediate results. My depression lifted and my anxiety decreased. I have since returned to my career of 15 years which I had not been very active in for 9 years. My life has literally been restored to one of love, light, peace and healing and I am once again daring to dream.”     ~Khara W.

Soul Writing Workshop: 

Lisa's Soul Writing: Creative Soul Journaling Workshop provided the guidance and inspiration I needed to make changes in my life. Her teachings include a practical approach to activating and listening to the voice within through journaling. She guides you to ask thought-provoking questions to stimulate self-exploration, coming away with clarity and a new perspective in believing in yourself.  As I continued to attend Lisa's workshops and incorporate journaling into my life, I realized we are all innately wise; we just have to learn and acknowledge how to tap into it; with Lisa's help, you can learn how to do it. I came away with a new perspective in believing in myself and confidence to make decisions that honor myself first.-Patrice Z.

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