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My unique proprietary method is the process of Soul Writing combined with a clarification system designed to find solutions to your greatest challenges. 


Awareness is the key to mastering change, it's learning how to use your awareness to empower yourself, gain confidence, find inner strength, and shift into self-assurance in making all your decisions. 


What you will learn:

 - A writing process to activate a Divine Dialogue

 - The Power of Intention and Willingness 

 - Understand and recognize your fear states

 - Recognize and discern the different voices (Ego- Inner Guidance)

 - Awareness of the Inner Critic and how it appears in your life

 - Forming and asking powerful questions

 - Cultivate and discover a new relationship with yourself 


What benefits you will achieve: 

 - To activate an Infinite Source of Wisdom and Grace

 - Get in touch with your deepest Authentic Self

 - Self-awareness and confidence in your decisions 

 - Receive focused direction and guidance 

 - Bring clarity and resolution to your challenges 


The Heart and Soul of this master course are essentially learning how to tap into your Inner Wisdom, and applying the practice of Soul Writing for solutions to all areas of your life, gaining direction and awareness for any life situation. 

Soul Writing Master Course

    •  6,  2 hour In-Depth Zoom Sessions (scheduled every 2 weeks)
    •  2 , 2 hour Mentoring Calls 
    • Printable Soul Writing Workbook 
    • Printable Guidebook
    • Bonus Habit Tracker
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