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Joyfully Jobless Weekend

with Barbara Winter & Collaborator Lisa Santa Barbara


I’m very excited and enthusiastic about Barbara Winters coming to Bucks County, presenting Joyfully Jobless Weekend. When I became aware of the traveling Joyfully Jobless Weekend, I decided to reach out and see if I can be of assistance and invite Barbara to my area of Bucks County PA, and this is where it began to unfold.

I had taken a workshop with Barbara many years ago, and it opened me to new and creative business ideas. This is an amazing opportunity for anyone in my area who is interested in expanding on their current business, curiosity seekers or ready to leap into their own creative business idea. You will not be disappointed! Barbara is a testament to what is possible for you, she undeniably walks her talk and teaches how you can make it possible for you.

I am beyond thrilled to be collaborating with her! And I’m looking forward to all the takeaways I’ll be applying to my current business; as no experience is wasted.

Tickets Available at:

Bucks County, PA


Joseph Hanusey ParK 

4757 Gordon Rd,

Doylestown, PA 18902

Friday April 24th 2020 

Saturday April 25th 2020


Seating is limited be sure to get your tickets ASAP.

Future Focus Journaling©


This is a journaling series of visioning and manifesting, writing as “If” it were to happen. This simple technique is a form of positive pretending, dreaming, and visioning to what you’d like to experience. 

Consciously creating the bridge of inner vision with outer events reshaping on how you view your world. 

The Value in learning this simple technique: 

  • This will assist you in developing a new way to visualize and feel in your daily life

  • Supports you to be more intentional and responsive to your life

  • Offers a new perspective on different aspects of your life

  • It will strengthen and develop your sense of awareness 

  • You will become conscious of your power to choose your experience 


*Research shows that people who use the power of writing their dreams, visions, and goals have a greater success rate in accomplishing them, then those who don’t. 

I applaud Lisa Santa Barbara for her service to others. I attended her class on Future Focus Journaling and learned how to journal my thoughts and feelings on paper with the intention to project a future outcome - to make it happen. I have begun a new path to my personal freedom and “I” have improved on my relationships with my children

                            ~Theresa Fieo


“I loved the energy in the air, we were able to open up and share and that is because of Lisa. My two take aways, be kind to myself and remind myself to focus on the now”

                            ~Barb M.

Framework: Setting the stage in exploration of areas of your life you'd like to begin with changing.

The Writing: Using your visioning, senses to vividly create the experience on paper. 

Future Gratitude: A form of gratitude that brings what you are  grateful for into reality. 

Reinforcement: Strengthening your dreams to reality, setting into motion to make manifest. 

Stay Tuned - Virtual Workshop TBA

Live Workshops in Bucks County and Montgomery County areas. 

Virtual Workshops.

Many Bonuses Offered at signups. 

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