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In Times of Uncertainty

In light of our current Coronavirus crisis, the fear of uncertainty can be overwhelming and intrusive for making conscious decisions that are in our best interest. You can experience intense fear and anxiety which can be debilitating to our emotional state. This is the time to take responsibility for your own fears, using the tools, techniques and methods you’ve acquired along your life journey. Through your fear; generate your ability to exercise a sense of deep introspection.

This morning I was feeling my fear running me, I was feeling my anger running me. My feelings; your feelings are not wrong they are part of us as human beings. This is a practice that I do in times of intense feelings/ emotions or anytime that I’m triggered with emotion.

How to use introspection in times of intense feelings/ emotions :

1. Who is the One who can and cannot see the fear/ anger?

2. Become the awareness of that One who sees, Be Awareness.

3. Observe the one who is fearful, angry.

4. Shine the Awareness on the one who is fearful, angry.

5. Allow yourself to stay as the Awareness in relation to your feeling and “feel” for as long as it takes to dissipate.

When we become more fearful and distracted, the more we move away from our center within Our natural state of being. The conditioned mind resists the ability to generate awareness. A simple step of noticing, giving attention to; this part of you that is in fear/ anger is the space that is required for balancing, integrating and being unconditional with yourself as Awareness.

Introspection takes practice and consistency as anything in life we want to master. Be gentle with yourself through this practice and including this time of the current crisis. We cannot control the circumstances, we can control how we respond this is where our power lies.

Always remember This too shall pass…

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