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New Year Resolutions? Try Intention instead

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

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Intentions or Resolutions? What is the difference?

Resolutions are more like goal settings, focused on a future outcome; a specific achievement. Resolutions can sometimes be burdensome and forceful at times. You are then going against the current, energetically it is heavy and dense. It's no wonder most don't stick to their resolutions!

Intention is more of a powerful declaration and a starting point for opening up the space for a desired outcome. It presents itself in the present moment, and allows things to unfold in your highest good. Allowing, receiving in a flow that is more in alignment with the present moment.

Intentions open your heart and mind to a greater Power; a surrendering to Power of the Universe to fulfill your outcome in a way that is specific to you. You are creating a feeling space with intentions, how you want to feel or Be in the world. This magnetic force puts us in an inspired position to receive and welcome this Energy Source that is beyond our senses.

The power of intention :“Intention is a force in the Universe, and everything and everyone is connected to this invisible force.” ~ Wayne Dyer

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