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One Word That Will Change Your Life

Updated: Jan 18

"One word explains how to simplify your life and business by focusing on ONE WORD for the entire year. By celebrated authors Dan Britton, Jimmy Page, and Jon Gordon, One Word That Will Change Your Life shows you how to cut through to the core of your intention for the next year. It offers an action plan and a simple process to discover your word for the year. It also explains how your one word will impact the six dimensions of your life—mental, physical, emotional, relational, spiritual, and financial."

My word for 2024 is "Intentional" to be intentional physically, emotionally, and spiritually. And to take inspired action for all I want to achieve in 2024. I was undecided between intentional and harmony. In being intentional, harmony will come as the by-product of intentional.

What does it mean to be intentional? And what is the difference between intentions and resolutions? Intention is an idea or purpose you plan to carry out, or your aim is your intention. The difference between intention and resolutions is that intention is present, willing, and open to what transpires as you focus on ideas or purpose. Resolutions can be rigid and often have a negative connotation, judging 'good' or 'bad.' Resolutions are more future-focused, and this approach might be required to help you stay committed.

Intention is seeing the bigger picture based on how you want to feel; its focus is the internal - a relationship with yourself. Making room to flow with the changes of circumstances the year can bring about.

To be physically intentional is to be thoughtful in how I want to be in tune with my physical body. Incorporating exercise (which has gone to the wayside in the last few years) and eating more balanced healthy foods (also has gone to the wayside).

Emotionally intentional is to be mindful of emotional states and make space for all emotions, giving them a voice and accepting what is revealed with self-compassion. This is the foundation of healing, and it is not enough to be aware of your emotions; it's allowing the emotions to express themselves and hold great respect for them.

Spiritually intentional is to become more familiar with one's self. You are the most essential spiritual practice; knowing yourself is the most significant discovery and the most challenging undertaking you will ever make. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. It is only with a deep understanding of what that truly means that one can harmoniously navigate life. As you understand and really grasp the meaning of who you are- and who you are not- life can be lived through you as YOU. Although this sounds simple and poetic, by no means is that true. It takes courage, lots of courage, and willingness to look at oneself (without judgment and with compassion). And a strong desire to live by Truth and let go of needing to be right to recognize yourself as a spiritual being having a human expereince.

An inspired action is an action that is taken from insight or wisdom that is in alignment with the desired achievement. To embody the energy of your desire and take action from the inner knowing - guidance. Inspiration can come in many ways; sometimes, a simple conversation or a walk in nature can spark inspiration. Meditation, free writing, and challenging yourself in something new are also ways to spark inspiration.

As you wind down 2023, here are some journal prompts:

What am I most proud of that I accomplished this year?

What is the best lesson I learned this year?

What book, event, person, or circumstance this year influenced you most positively?

A New Year 2024:

What will be your word for 2024?

What meaning does it have for you?

How will you experience and express your word?

Comment below; I'd love to hear your word, what it means to you, and anything you want to share.

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Patrice Zinck
Patrice Zinck
Dec 30, 2023

I like "Intention" I am going to adopt that for my word for 2024 also! I feel that intention will help me focus and re-boot on what I want to accomplish. I like the notion of physical, emotional and spiritual intentions.

Replying to

Thank you! Intention is a great word for 2024. I agree that it will help with focus and a re-boot and keep you open to receiving new ideas and methods with your accomplishments.

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