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The Book Goddess

I have always been an avid reader of many different genres through the years.

My love of books came at an early age when I was in grade school, and you could purchase through Scholastic Books.

The books I had read early on were books about teenage love, mysteries, and then Steve King novels. My favorite Steven King novel is The Stand; it's about a mutated strain of the superflu that wipes out most of the population within a few weeks. It was a terrifying book that kept you on the edge of your seat—an interesting read, especially in these recent times.

I went through a period of design and decorative books. Art Deco was my all-time favorite design. My home decor at that time was representative of that period. I had a beautiful black sectional couch with a mirrored corner table that connected the sectional. I used black lacquer touches of gold and added a geometric wallpaper.

I then started reading self-help and personal development books. Norman Vincent Peale and Tony Robbins were my favorites. I stayed in this genre for some time until I began to notice that I never achieved the results I was looking for or desired. This led me to more searching, and I became a seeker of truth, inspiration, and inner freedom.

That's when I moved into spirituality; on a deep level, I always felt there was more to life. One of the first of many, and my favorite, is Conversations With God: An Uncommon Dialogue by Neale Donald Walsch. He had written a trilogy of these books called Conversations With God Omnibus: Book one, two, and three. His writings in these books are profound and thought-provoking. You must keep an open mind when reading; he promotes a very different perspective on God and your relationship with God. Over the years, I've read these books many times and always have new inspiration.

Another favorite is The Way of Mastery. The Way of Mastery includes The Way of the Heart, The Way of Transformation, and The Way of Knowing, all three books in one. It contains transformational teachings and lessons on forgiveness, self-love, and acceptance of each moment. The author points to corrections of beliefs and perceptions that keep us from knowing our oneness and union with the Divine.

Here are a few others that I enjoyed and are fascinating to me. Missing 411 by David Paulides is based on factual events, mysterious and intriguing of those missing under unusual circumstances. He has also released a series by the same name based on his books.

Recently, I've been interested in learning Tarot cards; I found a great book that is a perfect fit for learning how to read the messages of the Tarot. Tarot: Connect with Yourself, Develop your Intuition, Live mindfully by Tina Gong. This book has detailed, helpful information for everything you need to know about Tarot cards. It is excellent for beginners and advanced tarot readers.

Next is my very own first-time published notebook/journal. All Things Inspirational: Notebook by Lisa Santa Barbara. It is a simple, excellent notebook/journal for inspiring creative ideas, generating action plans, and keeping a record of your achievements. I am a huge fan of journaling, and it has contributed to my healing journey in so many ways.

Lightworker Oracle: Guidance & Empowerment for Those Who Love the Light by Alana Fairchild. Alana is a creative visionary, spiritual artist, healer, and beloved author. Her cards are done beautifully, with deep emotional meanings. They are uplifting with great clarity; you won't be disappointed! Also available and recommended is Lightworker Oracle Paperback.

Disclaimer: In the name of full transparency, please be aware that this blog post

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1 Comment

Patrice Zinck
Patrice Zinck
Oct 29, 2023

Excellent blog! I love all the recommendations! Thanks for sharing.

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