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Recognition of Your Conditioning

Recognizing your conditioning and how it plays a role in your life, relationships and circumstances is the most powerful discovery you can ever make for yourself ... unquestionably, it is at the heart of Self-Mastery. Understanding your conditioning, unlearning, and unraveling this false self is where all your power is; nowhere else can your most authentic YOU arrive from this most influential work. To experience absolute joy, absolute love, and live from the state of authenticity moment to moment lies in the unraveling and awareness of your ego existence self.

Let's begin:

The ego is your conditioned self, a part of you that existed in your being as you were born into the world. And in your family of origin, you are once again conditioned and molded by the ways they loved you, supported you, accepted you, only through the eyes of their conditioned ego. How your caregivers were able to give you the love, support, and acceptance you needed, or the lack of these, further exasperate your ego and how it will continue to play a role in your life.

Take a moment here and absorb this concept; You come into the world with an ego that has a core wound of not-enoughness, unworthiness. You are born into a family that exasperates this wound, and you learn to believe it is the real you. Who you are, as you are. I am not enough, unworthy, unlovable, etc., whatever dialogue you have heard as you were growing up. As you grow up, you see the world through this lens of perception, accept it as accurate and real, live from this, and make decisions and behave from this view without knowing it was imposed upon you from caregivers who also lived from this perceptual lens.

Stay with me; I know this is deep. Your caregivers learned this from their caregivers; this is generational and universal. We are all experiencing this ego-centric perceptual lens in some way, shape, or form. It is part of our humanness; it is what it means to be human. And it is not who you intrinsically are; it is a perception you created that came from how you were treated and molded by those you relied on for love, acceptance, and support. Let me take a moment here to explain that this is not about blaming caregivers and parents. They only did what they knew how to do, and it doesn't make it right; it gives you understanding and thorough understanding, is how you can come to forgiveness.

Truth says you are loved, lovable, supported, worthy, unlimited, and intrinsically good. The Universal Force sees you and knows you only as this. Breathe that in, fully take that in. The ego-conditioned self molded you into believing otherwise, unlovable, unworthy, not-enoughness, all of what is in opposition to the Love you intrinsically are. Your ego-conditioned self is unconscious, under the radar, undetected, a programmed pattern that is normalized in the subconscious, running your life with reactions, behaviors, and choices.

Here are some ego-conditioned characteristics to become aware of that I teach in my Soul Writing Course.

1. Protects - Creates fear, so you don't make a mistake, embarrass yourself, or be at any risk. Playing it safe, keeping you safe.

2. Controls - Controls your behavior in situations or relationships. EX: You want to maintain the peace, control how you behave, to control how others see you or treat you.

3. Avoidance - You avoid the unknown or uncertainty, only doing what you already know and are comfortable doing.

4. Makes someone right - Looking for evidence to make your limited interpretations right or someone else's interpretation (from the past). Keeping you in check, staying the same, keeping you small.

The ego-conditioning is only interested in keeping you safe, controlling your thoughts, behaviors, and decisions to stay in the familiar. This, in turn, keeps your patterns in place, living your life in that quiet desperation that you have unconsciously normalized for yourself in all aspects of your current way to be. So how do you unravel, undo this quiet desperation that you live unconsciously every day? The million-dollar question for sure. The first step is awareness of the stories you tell yourself, the feelings, thoughts, and emotions that all contradict the Truth you are loved, lovable, unlimited, and worthy. Practice being aware as much as you can, and make it a habit. Journal all your discoveries and challenge those contradictions; this will reveal what is at the core of your patterns. You will gain insight into the process; this will help you see your perceptions as you become more aware and be at choice for self-mastery improvement.

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Exceptional article! I can see myself having all of those conditions!

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