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A Time for Self Reflection

We are experiencing a time in history that has brought about so much uncertainty. We all live with a small level of uncertainty in everyday occurrences and life.. this current level that we are experiencing can create much anxiety and fear. Through our own physiology we are inexperienced to deal with this level of uncertainty, this is a time of extenuating circumstances.

We are directed and guided on what we can do, where we can go and how to protect ourselves in doing the essentials required. What is left to our own resolve is how to deal with the emotional aspect of our current circumstance. It can bring about all kind of repressed emotions and thoughts, making it challenging to discern right action decisions and behaviors. Take the opportunity to exercise self reflection and self inquiry. Your emotions and thoughts are worthy of your attention and are messages to discover your greatest power.

Every thought that you would claim as your own which you have created from the world of you own personal experience are the stepping stones to your power to transmute, transcend and transform all that no longer is of service to you.

Self Reflection: Is the discipline to cultivate a way in which you observe your own thoughts, the words that you use, and observe the feelings that are within your body. Self reflection builds your emotional self awareness resulting in empowerment. The part of you that is reactive and seems to own you, is an opportunity to see this as innocent and self-caused.

Self Inquiry: I use self inquiry in a specific way in my teaching of Creative Soul Journaling©. It is taking the reactive thoughts and feelings (through self-reflection) and forming an open ended question to an understanding of where it is coming from, what is the meaning for you, and how to see it differently. This is exercising your free will, your power of awareness. The only power you truly have is in awareness and free will to choose differently.

When you are able to see occurrences from a higher perspective you can create and experience from this perspective. You don’t change reality, you change your experience of reality…. take that in and feel the meaning of those words.

All that is occurring is literally an actuality that is assisting you to bring things up that no longer serve you; to examine your thoughts, words and feelings. Find the message in them, choose to see differently and discover the great power within you- and have a positive impact on the current situation that is before us.

Ask yourself:

1)What is this moment teaching me?

2) How is this for me?

3) What would you have me do?

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