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Emotional Awareness

Today's blog is about learning some simple steps to self-awareness and understanding your emotions or feelings at the level of cause. We are all conditioned by the time we are seven years of age, through your parents, education, environment, and the experiences you endured.  

As you go about your life, learning, growing, and evolving. All your experiences have an emotional resonance to them, a feeling. As you experience the emotion, you begin to have thoughts regarding your emotion. You then behave in a way that corresponds to your interpretation of the experience through your thoughts about it. Nothing is right or wrong about this; it is only in whether or not it is working for you or against you. You determine this through your personal goals, intentions, or how you are living your life. 

As a child, experiences, and influences stand-alone, and as you interpret or perceive the only way you knew how, as a child, this becomes your emotional resonance. Depending on the circumstances you've endured, is how your brain (ego) develops to create protection and interpretation. This development has many variables, not only by your perceptions, by your sensations in the body. Your sensation is your emotion; your emotional sense is at the level of the cause; this what I'm bringing to light.  

Your emotion is what is real at the cause; the story you tell yourself about the emotion is not valid. How do you create self-awareness around the level of cause?  

  1.  Become aware of the emotion and where it's located in the body. 

  2.  Notice the story that is playing regarding your emotion. 

  3.  Disengage from your story, only notice it. You are creating a space to feel your emotions.

  4.  Come back to the emotion and experience it to the fullest as a witness in awareness.  

When you take part in this approach, you will have an understanding and insight into the Truth of your emotion. You will gain self-awareness where real change can only take place. Through self-awareness, you take full responsibility for your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.  

Challenge your beliefs and the belief system that makes you unhappy in any way. Your unhappiness is a signal, a clue to investigate the emotion at the level of cause. Changing your thoughts and behaviors is not enough for real change to take place. Only through self-awareness into your emotional state (feelings), is where you unlearn the programming you were taught that no longer serves you. 

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Exceptional article! Your insight is right on. I've been working on unlearning my programming and I'm definitely a work in progress.

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